Shawn Deprey

Shawn Deprey

Architect, Engineer and Product Designer

Denver, CO, United States | (206) 535-5975



October 2012 - Present
I am the Server Architect & Software Engineer for KITE, the world’s first innovation marketplace. I joined the project in October 2012 and built out KITE's Rails server from scratch. The server hosts a full responsive business website, as well as a versioned API with stellar response times. The API runs KITE's iOS application and other integrated technologies.

This project greatly represents my skills as an Architect & Engineer. Below are a few, but certainly not all, of the core methodologies KITE has added to my repertoire.

  • Advanced Rails/Ruby Methodologies
  • Advanced Web/Server System Design
  • Integrated Systems and Data Sources
  • Best API Design Practices
  • Big Data


March 2014 - April 2014
Draftin' is a drafting simulator I built for Magic the Gathering. Develop lasted just under a month and consisted of 5 major versions which the community had a great deal of feedback and input on. Unfortunately, the project got shut down by Wizards of the Coast, but not before I got the chance to tell an amazing story and grow an stellar user base.

Even though I was forced to take down the application I learned a ton doing this project. I would do it all again even if I knew I would be shut down. I also learned that in a few short weeks I can turn an idea/vision into a viral enough hit that a mega corporation will threaten with legal action. As a Software Architect & Engineer, this makes me really proud. I also learned that I can develop an application capable of withstanding beyond 3,268,800 requests per day at solid < 100 millisecond response times. That’s over 2270 requests per minute!

Tone's Adventure

Early 2013
Tone’s Adventure is a 2.5D Puzzle Platformer which details the exploits of Tone, a magical being whose body contains part of her creator's soul, also known as a Golem. Devyn, the scientist who created Tone in the game Universe Tone’s Adventure takes place in, does not make an appearance in Tone’s Adventure, but she is mentioned if you watch closely.

Tone's Adventure was my first Unity project. The game was conceived, designed and developed in 2 weeks. This project demonstrates my ability to take a game concept, refine it, and develop it from start to finish with high production quality. Please feel free to play the game on it's release platform Kongregate:

Kill all the Things

January 2012 - September 2012
Kill all the Things is not only my first full length title with Blackmodule Studio, but it is also my first full length HTML5 game. The game features a fairly complex system of random generation to completely change the game from one playthrough to the next.

The game also features a level up system where players can increase their power. In order to do so, players must collect cores which can only be done while playing the game.

KATT represents a huge success for Blackmodule Studio and myself as it truly solidified that we could take a project from start to finish working from absolutely nothing. The art style is great, the music is fantastic, and the final game product is challenging and fun.

Please do try it out by pulling the repo:

Hex Engine

Summer 2013
I developed this game engine to help progress/show what fantastic things you can do using bleeding edge web technologies. Hex Engine is a rebuild and massive improvement on my earlier Javabomb game engine. I decided to open source the engine after I had finished development on it.

The Hex Engine is an Open Source HTML5 Game Engine. You can find the repo here:

Blackmodule's Minecraft Suite

2010 - 2011
This mod demonstrates my ability to work with existing systems to create new products, as well as my ability to work as part of a team. The production of this mod consisted of 5 different versions spanning over 1 year and provided me the knowledge of working with:

  • OpenGL
  • The structure of a game engine system including but not limited to simulated gravity, particle systems, lighting systems, world mapping systems, various 2d and 3d algorythms(later used in the Javabomb engine), etc.
  • Product Management, Production, Packaging, Marketing, and Release Experience


December 2010 - February 2011
Javabomb is a java game engine that I designed and developed. It utilizes the Light Weight Java Game Library(LWJGL) and OpenGL. The game engine features advanced systems such as lighting, collision, Artificial Intelligence(AI), along with many other systems one expects to see in a game engine. Perhaps the most notable system the Javabomb engine features is live level editing. At any point, a designer may jump out of game mode to edit a level.

The following tech demo features some, but certainly not all, of the advanced design and programming skills I acquired on the Javabomb project. Along with the technical skills I acquired, I also had the privelage of leading a development team in the areas of art, animation, music, and story concept writing. The team was very excited to see their work come together in a final product.


August 2012
This project was a demo app I developed for Meality. The build was intended to create a highly functional and beautiful example of what Meality, a high tech clothes fitting and suggestion platform, could be for investors. I used jQuery mobile as the base framework, ensuring a wide array of mobile and tablet device support so all potential investors would be able to view the app.